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Precision Aluminum 6061 lathe turning parts

The picture on the left is a turned part made of aluminum, the raw material is aluminum rod 6061
The small part on the left is a small aluminum part with a concave step, and the large part is a milled symmetrical opposite side aluminum turning part. Our company is good at processing aluminum step turning, milling, tapping and taper angle.
The specifications on the left picture: (small aluminum turning parts)∮6*50 (large)∮16*60, and we can produce a wide range of specifications, please call for details.

Prototype manufacturing of security products

Prototype manufacturing of military and security products
Material: aluminum alloy + soft rubber
Data format: STP/IGS/X.T/PRO
Category: Customization of military product prototypes
Product introduction: The product adopts aluminum alloy and soft rubber encapsulation, which is the configuration that most military communication mobile phones need to be used for earthquake resistance.

Turning and finishing 6061, 6063, 7075 aluminum alloy parts

This is a small aluminum part like a bowl, which is also turned by an automatic lathe. Its size is very small, the outer diameter is only 6MM, obviously not for eating.
The material grades currently available for aluminum turning parts are: T6 6061, 6063 duralumin, 7075 cutting duralumin, and 5056 ordinary aluminum rod.
By the way, 2021 aluminum rod, a kind of aluminum with relatively low hardness and relatively poor mechanical properties, is generally not recommended for customers to use this material.

Vacuum-mold casting prototype Manufacturer

Silicone vacuum casting prototype manufacturer
Replicated products adopt materials: domestic PU, imported PU, transparent PU, soft PU, Saigang, ABS, PP, PC high temperature resistant ABS, etc.
The materials used to make silicone molds are: domestic silica gel, imported silica gel, transparent silica gel, and special silica gel.