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Custom Copper Precision Turning Parts

Our company is good at turning all kinds of copper parts, all kinds of valve parts, electrical bronze parts, brass nuts, mobile phone antennas, external knurling (straight grain / twill / net grain) and so on. The picture on the left shows a turned copper core. Used in valves, the material is C3604 fast-cutting steel brass, and the copper turning parts customized according to customer requirements are used as the valve stem and valve core. Used in valves of internationally renowned brands. Automatic turning and forming, after the head milling edge and the rod milling edge, the angle is 60 degrees. Slotted head. The outer diameter is 12.7mm, and the total length is 70mm. The forming turning tool has been used many times in the processing of this copper precision part. In order to solve the accuracy of the R angle and chamfering of the inner groove, CNC machining was initially adopted. Later, in order to save costs, automatic lathe processing was used.

Lathe turning precision copper electrical parts

The picture on the left shows a copper turning part with internal and external threads. Wait, something seems wrong. . . . . . Is this copper?
That’s right, this is a copper turned part, made of C3604 fast-cutting brass, the surface is electroplated, and the plating is nickel-plated, so it looks like stainless steel.
This product has both internal thread and external thread, internal thread is M4, external thread is M6. While the outer threaded upper flat sided milling, and thread to ensure 100% compliance.
How do we lathe such internal and external threaded products? You can refer to this address, the first product on this page is the semi-finished product of the product on the left (unmilled, unplated, copper color):