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CNC milling and turning stainless steel Price

The main properties of stainless steel
The workability is much worse than that of medium carbon steel. Taking the machinability of ordinary No. 45 steel as 100%, the relative machinability of austenitic stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti is 40%; The relative turning workability of ferritic stainless steel 1Cr28 is 48%; Martensitic stainless steel 2Cr13 is 55%. Among them, austenitic and austenitic + ferritic stainless steels have the worst machinability.

Finishing of aluminum alloy shell

Aluminum alloy shells are various shells made of aluminum alloy, generally including aluminum profile shells, aluminum die-casting shells, and machined shells.

OEM 304 Stainless Turning Precision Component

Our company produces SUS303, 304, SUS400 series, 316F stainless steel precision turning parts and lathe parts of various specifications and sizes.
The product on the left is a representative stainless steel turning part produced by our company:
Stainless steel turning parts with threads, steps and milled hexagonal edges are made of SUS303 stainless steel, thread specification M4,
Maximum outer diameter (ie its head diameter): 10mm, total length 38mm
Features: Axial face milling hexagonal, large turning volume, high precision, semi-finished products are completed by automatic lathe + hydraulic milling machine milling hexagonal face + thread rolling machine rolling. This turning part is used in a well-known electrical appliance for fastening and adjustment.

Stainless steel precision casting manufacturer

Stainless steel precision casting is also called investment casting, silica sol process. It is a casting process that requires less cutting of parts or no machining. It is an excellent process technology in the foundry industry, and its application is very wide. Not only is it suitable for casting of various types and alloys, but the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the produced castings are higher than other casting methods. Complex, high-temperature resistant, difficult-to-process castings can be cast by investment casting.

Turned parts of free-cutting steel, carbon steel, and environmentally friendly iron

our company also produces various free-cutting steel carbon steel turning parts. These carbon steels include:
Free cutting steel 12L14
The picture on the left is a representative carbon steel turning part of our company. The surface is blackened and oxidized. Generally, turning parts of carbon steel require surface treatment to prevent rust. Available surface treatments include:
Galvanized (including environmentally friendly blue and white zinc and environmentally friendly color zinc), nickel-plated, black oxide (as shown in the left picture), etc.

Turning Non-standard stainless steel screw

Material: SUS303 commonly used imported stainless material,
At the same time, it can also be CNC machined SUS410 / 416/420 (the highest heat treatment hardness can reach HRC65) and SUS316F (with higher anti-rust performance)
High precision and exquisite appearance. Is particularly good longer shaft, the stepped type, milling, threaded type parts. Can be produced according to customer drawings. Maximum machining outer diameter 32mm, longest machining length 800mm or longer