There are two types of rapid prototyping: 3D printing (SLA/SLS) and CNC machining. The materials are aluminum alloy and ABS, bakelite, POM, PMMA, PC,

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10 materials for CNC machining prototypes

Compared with 3D printing, the biggest advantage of CNC prototype is the richness and practicality of materials. The main purpose of the prototype is to verify the feasibility of the product design, so the materials of the prototype are also very particular. Each company’s products are different, and the prototype models that need to be made are also different. Therefore, the production materials may also be different, but the main processing materials include the following:

ABS / plastic robot prototype production

Disinfection robot shell, patrol robot, temperature measurement robot, sweeping robot, mobile vending robot, food delivery robot, service robot, intelligent transportation robot, disinfection robot, medical agv handling robot, agv robot, drug delivery robot, medical postoperative transportation robot Shell prototype CNC machining

Characteristics and main uses of aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are classified by use: Aluminum profiles for construction: architectural aluminum profiles mainly include aluminum profiles for doors and windows and aluminum profiles for curtain walls;
Radiator aluminum profile: mainly used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment, LED lighting, and computer digital products.
General industrial aluminum profile refers to:
Mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing, such as assembly line conveyor belts, hoists, glue dispensers, testing equipment, shelves, etc., electronic machinery industry and clean rooms, etc.

Die-Cast Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel Parts

Die casting is a die casting part: Using the pressure casting machine with the casting mold installed, the metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel or aluminum alloy heated to a liquid state is poured into the casting mold of the die casting machine for die casting. Casting copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size limited by the mold, such parts are often referred to as die casting parts. Die-casting parts are called differently in different places: such as die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting zinc parts, die-casting copper parts, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.

Low Volume plastic prototype processing

Low Volume processing of plastic prototypes includes: CNC machining, Silicone vacuum casting, 3D printing, silicone prototype, ABS, acrylic

Manufacturing of acrylic prototypes

Machined, silicone vacuum overmolded PMMA prototype
In the prototype industry, acrylic, also known as PMMA, is a transparent prototype material. Acrylic prototypes are mainly made by cnc processing. Acrylic has a relatively good transparency effect, which can reach 95% of the light transmittance.

Manufacturing of Robot Rapid Prototyping

The price of the CNC rapid prototype of the robot (agv handling robot, drug delivery robot, transportation robot, patrol robot, vending robot, food delivery robot)

Medical equipment manufacturers prototype machining

Prototype manufacturers of medical equipment:CNC processing medical analyzer rapid prototype, blood purification machine shell, blood bacteria culture instrument, medical equipment abs prototype, laser writing instrument, immune analyzer, mounter, fixed floating camera bed, straight arm DR medical equipment, vehicle DR Medical equipment, gastrointestinal DR medical equipment, medical imaging equipment, dynamic flat-panel DR inspection equipment, oral CT equipment, prototypes of medical health examination vehicles, and prototypes of medical imagers.

Precision CNC machining prototype aluminum auto parts

Machining accuracy: finishing of the prototype
Data format: STP/IGS/X.T/PRO
Category: Auto Parts Prototype Customization

Prototype manufacturing of security products

Prototype manufacturing of military and security products
Material: aluminum alloy + soft rubber
Data format: STP/IGS/X.T/PRO
Category: Customization of military product prototypes
Product introduction: The product adopts aluminum alloy and soft rubber encapsulation, which is the configuration that most military communication mobile phones need to be used for earthquake resistance.

Rapid prototyping manufacturer

Prototype is one or more functional prototypes made according to product appearance drawings or structural drawings under the premise of no mold production to check the rationality of appearance or structure. Rapid prototyping is currently also called customized samples in different places.

Vacuum-mold casting prototype Manufacturer

Silicone vacuum casting prototype manufacturer
Replicated products adopt materials: domestic PU, imported PU, transparent PU, soft PU, Saigang, ABS, PP, PC high temperature resistant ABS, etc.
The materials used to make silicone molds are: domestic silica gel, imported silica gel, transparent silica gel, and special silica gel.