Copper electrode of EDM machine

CNC machining of copper electrode

During EDM machining, the copper electrode and the workpiece are respectively connected to the two poles of the pulse power supply. The pulse voltage applied to the copper electrode and the workpiece generates spark discharge. The instantaneous temperature of the discharge can be as high as 10,000 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature makes the surface of the workpiece partially vaporized or melted.

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Geometric parameters of milling tools

CNC machining of aluminum components deformation how to do?

There are many reasons for the deformation of aluminum components, which are related to the material, the processing tool, the shape of the part, and the processing equipment. There are mainly the following aspects: The deformation caused by the internal stress of the blank, the deformation caused by the cutting force and the cutting heat, and the deformation caused by the clamping force.

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Profile aluminum alloy shell

Manufacturing of profile aluminum housing

The aluminum shell products use high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which have the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, and good heat dissipation performance. It is widely used in industries such as instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, and precision machinery. It is an ideal equipment aluminum housing for high-end instruments and meters. The profiled aluminum shell has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, and mechanical properties (uniform force), and the aluminum alloy is easy to process and has a high degree of heat dissipation.

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Shell manufacturer of the heat sink

Aluminum alloy heat sink shell manufacturer

The heat sink housing of the law enforcement recorder. This technology is designed and developed to meet the actual needs of law enforcement agencies. It is an efficient and practical heat dissipation solution for police individual law enforcement recorders. It is suitable for police mobile terminals, security equipment mobile terminals, monitoring equipment mobile terminals, etc., with a wide range of uses. Most of the current police law enforcement recorders can not overcome the problem of heat generation under long-term working conditions. In order to improve the overall performance of law enforcement records, as well as law enforcement records in the sense of the experience in the use of the actual needs, the solution to the current prevailing market enforcement recorder fever, poor experience a sense of the problem;

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Surface finishing of aluminum parts

Custom Aluminum Parts Manufacturing

What is aluminum machining and what are its main functions? Application of Aluminum Parts and Analysis of CNC Machining Technology.
To carry out a aluminum parts machining process, it is required to know the physical characteristics of the material to be machined, which are important when selecting the tools, cutting angles, speeds, among other parameters. Some important aspects of machining aluminum are described below.

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Die casting of radiator shell

Made in China Die Casting

What is high pressure casting? Product cost and price of mass-manufactured die castings
High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is a casting process for series or mass production. Cast alloys with a low melting point are usually used for this.
In die casting, the liquid melt is pressed into a die casting mold (casting mold, cavity) under high pressure of approx. 10 to 200 MPa and at a very high mold filling speed of up to 12 m / s, where it then solidifies. The special thing about the die casting process is that with a permanent mold, i.e. H. without a model. As a result, the mold is only produced once for a series of identical components, but with a significantly higher production effort. In this way, a high output is achieved, especially in a hot chamber die casting machine in which the casting container and the casting piston are constantly in the melt.

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