Section A-A of the impeller blade

CNC machining impeller technology and clamping plan

According to the material, structural characteristics and technical requirements of the impeller, the CNC machining plan is analyzed and studied, including the machining process, technical difficulties and technical measures taken. It is recommended to add required process fixture bosses at one end of the impeller, and design and develop a special fixture mold to meet the requirements of impeller processing.

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5-axis swivel head type (left) and 5-axis tilt swivel head type (right)

The difference between 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers

It is unethical to “talk about precision without the actual CNC machine tool”. If it is said that “the precision of a five-axis CNC machine tool will definitely be higher than that of a three-axis CNC machine tool”, then it is completely on paper. It is entirely possible that high-end three-axis machine tools have a higher machining accuracy index than ordinary five-axis machine tools.
The 3-axis machine tool contains three linear axes, X, Y, and Z,

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Machining the normal hole on the inclined plane with a five-axis machining center

High-speed 5-axis machining for manufacturing molds

Nowadays, automobile molds have higher and higher requirements for mold surface quality and cutting speed. The best milling state can be achieved when the five-axis CNC system is used to process a plane with three-dimensional curves. The setting angle of the tool axis can be changed at any position in the machining area of the machine tool to process different geometric shapes.

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