Turning and milling miniature precision watches, mobile phone parts

Development of micro-turning and milling parts

In recent years, civil defense and other fields demand for a variety of CNC machining miniaturization of products continues to increase, the function of the tiny devices, the complexity of the structure, reliability requirements are also increasing. Therefore, it is of great significance to research and develop micro-machining technologies that are economically feasible, capable of processing three-dimensional geometric shapes and diversified materials, and feature sizes ranging from micrometers to millimeters. At present, micro-cutting has become an important technology to overcome the limitations of MEMS technology.

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Micro CNC machining parts technology

Super finishing of turning and milling micro parts

The micro CNC machining technology adopts a fully automatic method to super-finish the surface of metal parts. Through a kind of mechanochemical action, the material of 1-40μm on the surface of the metal parts is removed, and the surface quality of the processed surface reaches or is better than the N1 level of the ISO standard. Micro CNC machining technology is mainly used in the two fields of ultra-precision polishing and ultra-precision brightening.

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CNC turning of medical titanium alloy parts

Design the correct CNC machining part program

The ideal CNC machining program should not only ensure that qualified workpieces conforming to the drawings are processed, but also should enable the functions of the CNC machine tool to be reasonably applied and fully utilized. The CNC machine tool is a highly efficient automation equipment. Its efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools. Therefore, to give full play to this feature of CNC machine tools, one must master its performance, characteristics, and operating methods. At the same time, the machining plan must be correctly determined before programming.

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Eccentric wheel support of clamp

CNC machining with CAXA wire cutting

CAXA wire cutting is a software system for CNC programming of wire cutting machine tools, which has a wide range of applications in the field of wire cutting processing in my country. It can provide fast, efficient, and high-quality CNC programming codes for various wire-cutting machine tools, greatly simplifying the work of CNC programmers. CAXA wire cutting can quickly and accurately complete tasks that are difficult to complete under traditional programming methods.

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CNC lathe drilling process

The operation skills of CNC lathe processing

In a blink of an eye, I have been operating CNC lathes for more than ten years, and have accumulated some machining skills and experience of CNC lathes. Including turning of different materials (stainless steel, aluminum, copper carbon steel, titanium, cemented carbide, etc.). Due to frequent replacement of processed parts and limited factory conditions, for ten years we have been programming ourselves, setting tools ourselves, debugging and finishing parts processing ourselves. In summary, the operating skills are divided into the following points.

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Turning technology of titanium parts

Cutting force for high-speed turning

In the early years, the cutting force test during high-speed turning was carried out. As shown in Figure 1, when turning 45 steel (normalizing, HB187), when the turning speed is increased from 100m/min to 270m/min, the main turning force is reduced by about 7%. As shown in Figure 2, when turning cast aluminum alloy ZL10 (HB45), when the turning speed is increased from 100m/min to 720m/min, the main turning force is reduced by about 50%.

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