Micro CNC machining parts technology

Super finishing of turning and milling micro parts

The micro CNC machining technology adopts a fully automatic method to super-finish the surface of metal parts. Through a kind of mechanochemical action, the material of 1-40μm on the surface of the metal parts is removed, and the surface quality of the processed surface reaches or is better than the N1 level of the ISO standard. Micro CNC machining technology is mainly used in the two fields of ultra-precision polishing and ultra-precision brightening.

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CNC turning of medical titanium alloy parts

Design the correct CNC machining part program

The ideal CNC machining program should not only ensure that qualified workpieces conforming to the drawings are processed, but also should enable the functions of the CNC machine tool to be reasonably applied and fully utilized. The CNC machine tool is a highly efficient automation equipment. Its efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools. Therefore, to give full play to this feature of CNC machine tools, one must master its performance, characteristics, and operating methods. At the same time, the machining plan must be correctly determined before programming.

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Stainless steel milling tools

Stainless steel milling and turning technology

Stainless steel materials have high toughness, high thermal strength and low thermal conductivity. During milling and turning, the plastic deformation is large, the work hardening is serious, the cutting heat is too much, and the heat dissipation is difficult. This results in high cutting temperature at the tool tip, severe chip adhesion to the cutting edge, and prone to buildup of chip edges, which not only aggravates the wear of the tool, but also affects the surface roughness of the machined surface. In addition, since the chips are not easy to curl and break, it will damage the processed surface and affect the quality of the workpiece. In order to improve the processing efficiency and the quality of the workpiece, how to correctly select the tool material, the geometric parameters of the turning tool and the milling amount are introduced as follows:

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Parameters of high-speed milling stainless steel parts

milling cutter milling stainless steel cutting amount table

Set the cutting amount of high-speed steel milling cutter for milling stainless steel and the choice of milling cutter
First of all, the coolant will cool the chips too quickly and merge into the blade, resulting in reduced tool life;
Too high a feed rate will cause material accumulation, while a too low feed rate will cause friction between the tool and the workpiece, and will also cause overheating.
In fact, in order to avoid the edge of the knife, CNC machining stainless steel cutting heat is necessary. For stainless steel milling cutters, the appropriate milling speed should be selected to make the chips have a light brown color.

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Spiral stainless steel nozzle

Nozzle Design and Machining Supplier

What is a nozzle? CNC Machining technology of the nozzle
The nozzle is designed to work under a variety of different spray conditions, so choose the nozzle that suits your needs in order to achieve the best spray performance in use. The characteristics of the nozzle are mainly reflected in the spray type of the nozzle, that is, the shape formed when the liquid leaves the nozzle mouth and its running performance. The name of the nozzle is based on the spray shape divided into fan, cone, liquid column flow (ie jet), air atomization, and flat nozzle. Among them, the cone nozzle is divided into two categories: hollow cone and solid cone; Nozzle is a very key component in many kinds of spraying, oil spraying, sandblasting and other equipment, and it plays an important role.

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Stainless steel parts

Custom Stainless Steel Parts Manufacturing

How to machine stainless steel parts? CNC Machining Technology and Application of Stainless Steel Parts
Stainless steel is a versatile machining material that can be widely used where strength and resistance to heat and corrosion are essential. However, the same properties that make stainless steel alloys exceptional structural materials also complicate the processes used to machine them. A careful combination of cutting tool properties, geometries and the application of cutting parameters can significantly increase the productivity of stainless steel machining operations.

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Turning Stainless Iron Parts

Turning Stainless Iron Parts on Automatic Lathe

Although roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of stainless-iron materials on general-purpose machine tools is not too difficult. However, how to solve the problems of high cutting force, high temperature, serious tool wear and low durability, poor surface quality and low productivity in stainless steel cutting on a high-productivity special automatic lathe. It is difficult to meet the requirements of the drawing in one turning operation. In the process of CNC machining martensitic stainless steel materials in our factory: from the selection of tool materials, the selection of tool geometry and structure; Selection of cutting amount; feed state of blank material; Repeated tests have been carried out on the selection of lubricants and coolants, and certain successful experiences have been obtained. Take 3Cr13 stainless iron as an example.

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