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CNC Milling Technology of Micro Parts

Micro CNC machining parts

The machining of micro parts is also called micro electromechanical system or micro system. It is a micro device or system that can be produced in batches, integrating micro mechanisms, micro sensors, micro actuators, and signal processing and control circuits, even peripheral interfaces, communication circuits and power supplies. Its main features are: small size (feature size range: 1μm-10mm), light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance; it is conducive to mass production and reduces production costs; Small inertia, high resonance frequency, short response time; Intensive high-tech achievements, high added value. Micromachining purpose is not only to reduce the size and volume, wherein the goal by more miniaturization, integration, to search for new principle, new features and elements of the system, opening up a new field of technology, the industrial mass formed.

Micro CNC machining parts

Micro CNC machining parts

Micro CNC machining technology refers to the micro-machining technology made into mechanical devices. The emergence and development of microfabrication has long been closely related to large-scale integrated circuits. Integrated circuits require that more electronic components can be accommodated on a small area of semiconductor to form complex and complete circuits. The minimum line width in the fine circuit pattern is a key technical indicator to improve the integration of integrated circuits. For the microelectronics industry, micro-CNC machining is an advanced manufacturing technology for the manufacture of micro-sized components or thin-molded patterns with processing scales ranging from micrometers to nanometers. At present, the micro processing technology mainly includes silicon planar processing and bulk processing technology developed from the micro processing technology of semiconductor integrated circuits. Since the mid-1980s, in LIGA processing (micro-mold plating process), quasi-LIGA processing, ultra-fine processing, micro-electric discharge machining (EDM), plasma beam processing, electron beam processing, Considerable progress rapid prototyping and manufacturing (RPM) and bonding technology, micro-processing technology made.

Micro-machining systems can complete tasks that large-scale electromechanical systems cannot. The close integration of micro-machining and electronic technology will enable a wide range of micro-devices to come out. These micro-devices are integrated and manufactured in large quantities with low prices and will be widely used in many areas of human life. It can be expected that in this century, micro-machining will gradually move from laboratory to application, and will have a significant impact on the development of industry and agriculture, information, environment, biomedicine, space, and national defense. Micro-machining technology is a very important and very active technical field in the field of micro-machining technology. Its development not only promotes the development of many related disciplines, but is also closely related to the development of national science and technology, economy and national defense. The development of micro-machining technology has a huge industrial application prospect.

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