Section A-A of the impeller blade

CNC machining impeller technology and clamping plan

According to the material, structural characteristics and technical requirements of the impeller, the CNC machining plan is analyzed and studied, including the machining process, technical difficulties and technical measures taken. It is recommended to add required process fixture bosses at one end of the impeller, and design and develop a special fixture mold to meet the requirements of impeller processing.

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Turning and milling miniature precision watches, mobile phone parts

Development of micro-turning and milling parts

In recent years, civil defense and other fields demand for a variety of CNC machining miniaturization of products continues to increase, the function of the tiny devices, the complexity of the structure, reliability requirements are also increasing. Therefore, it is of great significance to research and develop micro-machining technologies that are economically feasible, capable of processing three-dimensional geometric shapes and diversified materials, and feature sizes ranging from micrometers to millimeters. At present, micro-cutting has become an important technology to overcome the limitations of MEMS technology.

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Micro CNC machining parts technology

Super finishing of turning and milling micro parts

The micro CNC machining technology adopts a fully automatic method to super-finish the surface of metal parts. Through a kind of mechanochemical action, the material of 1-40μm on the surface of the metal parts is removed, and the surface quality of the processed surface reaches or is better than the N1 level of the ISO standard. Micro CNC machining technology is mainly used in the two fields of ultra-precision polishing and ultra-precision brightening.

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Machined aluminum housing

CNC machining aluminum alloy shell price

Aluminum cnc machining different manufacturers all have their own advantages. Small factories are suitable for rapid prototyping, and large factories are suitable for large quantities. We need to find a suitable CNC processing plant according to our own needs. Generally, the unit price is calculated according to the processing time of aluminum alloy products. So how to calculate the aluminum alloy cnc processing price?

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Profile aluminum alloy shell

Manufacturing of profile aluminum housing

The aluminum shell products use high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which have the characteristics of solid structure, beautiful appearance, and good heat dissipation performance. It is widely used in industries such as instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, and precision machinery. It is an ideal equipment aluminum housing for high-end instruments and meters. The profiled aluminum shell has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, and mechanical properties (uniform force), and the aluminum alloy is easy to process and has a high degree of heat dissipation.

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