Die casting of radiator shell

Made in China Die Casting

What is high pressure casting? Product cost and price of mass-manufactured die castings
High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is a casting process for series or mass production. Cast alloys with a low melting point are usually used for this.
In die casting, the liquid melt is pressed into a die casting mold (casting mold, cavity) under high pressure of approx. 10 to 200 MPa and at a very high mold filling speed of up to 12 m / s, where it then solidifies. The special thing about the die casting process is that with a permanent mold, i.e. H. without a model. As a result, the mold is only produced once for a series of identical components, but with a significantly higher production effort. In this way, a high output is achieved, especially in a hot chamber die casting machine in which the casting container and the casting piston are constantly in the melt.

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LED heat sink die casting

Manufacturing Services for Die-Casting Products

What is high pressure casting (HPDC)? How does the high pressure casting Products process work?
In the high pressure casting process, molten metal or metal alloy is injected into the mold at high speed and high pressure.
Horizontal high pressure die casting machines ensure the die is fully closed. They are classified according to the amount of clamping force they can apply and can range from 550 to 5700 tons.

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CNC machining of high-precision parts

How to improve the accuracy of CNC machining parts?

In the process of CNC machine tool parts processing, the accuracy of the parts processed directly affects the quality of the product itself. Some mechanical parts and compact equipment parts have very high requirements for machining accuracy. Improving the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools is the key to the problem. Through comparative research and analysis, the following countermeasures can be adopted:

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Eccentric wheel support of clamp

CNC machining with CAXA wire cutting

CAXA wire cutting is a software system for CNC programming of wire cutting machine tools, which has a wide range of applications in the field of wire cutting processing in my country. It can provide fast, efficient, and high-quality CNC programming codes for various wire-cutting machine tools, greatly simplifying the work of CNC programmers. CAXA wire cutting can quickly and accurately complete tasks that are difficult to complete under traditional programming methods.

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Rapid prototyping plating

Surface finishing for prototype machining

Common surface treatment of processed prototypes: grinding, polishing, electroplating, oxidation, passivation, blackening, phosphating, etc.
In the entire process of prototype processing, after selecting the appropriate processing method (CNC processing or 3D printing), most of the prototypes require surface treatment. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements. There are dozens of surface treatment processes for prototype processing. Next, we will introduce the common surface treatment processes for prototype processing.

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3D printed plastic prototype

Rapid Prototyping Service in China

What is the prototype and its function? How many ways are there to make a prototype?
Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process; however, it has often been a hindrance. Rapid prototyping is a process used to make plastic, metal, or ceramic items. Also known by its name in English as “additive technology Or subtractive technology “, since 3D printing manufacturing process is to add material layer by layer. And CNC machining (turning and milling) is a layer by layer of subtractive technology.

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