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How to improve the accuracy of CNC machining parts?

CNC machining of high-precision parts

In the process of CNC machine tool parts processing, the accuracy of the parts processed directly affects the quality of the product itself. Some mechanical parts and compact equipment parts have very high requirements for machining accuracy. Improving the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools is the key to the problem. Through comparative research and analysis, the following countermeasures can be adopted:

1. The method of improving the machining accuracy through the original error of the CNC machine tool
In the process of CNC machine tool processing, errors are inevitable. The error between the processed part and the CNC machine tool is an inevitable phenomenon. This kind of certain error is called the original error. Therefore, in order to improve the machining accuracy of CNC machine tool parts, controlling the original error of the CNC machine tool is an important countermeasure. Carry out systematic evaluation and analysis of the possibility of the original error, and formulate corresponding improvement methods according to the cause of the error and the main type of error. In the process of machining mechanical parts, the position accuracy and geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools are very important. It has a very large impact on the machining accuracy of the machined parts. It is necessary to reduce the occurrence of errors and the influence of geometric errors through position control and geometric accuracy control. At the same time, for the deformation errors generated during the processing, air cooling and water cooling should be used to control the thermal deformation of the entire process. Reduce the accuracy impact due to thermal deformation.

2. Reasonably designed machine tool core components to avoid errors
The positioning accuracy of the machine tool has a great effect on the processing of parts, and affects the core component of the machine tool positioning accuracy. Such as the straightness and levelness of the feed system, guide rail and work platform. In the process of designing CNC machine tools, CNC machinery adopts reasonable core components. For example, in the process of selecting the ball screw in the machine tool, the accuracy of the ball screw is fully considered, and the more mature ball screw technology is selected and installed. The support selection of the ball screw is closely matched with the transmission accuracy of the system. At the same time, the support of the ball screw is mainly determined by the axial load and rotation speed. On this basis, choose a relatively high-precision fixing and supporting method, and strictly assess the bearing capacity of the ball screw during the design process.

3. Use real-time monitoring technology to improve processing accuracy
With the continuous improvement of numerical control technology, the whole process of monitoring can be realized in the process of parts processing on numerical control machine tools. In this process, the error link in the processing can be adjusted in time, and the error data of each link in the processing process should be collected and analyzed in time. And feedback to the control terminal in time, adopt corresponding error compensation through the error data, make timely judgments, and improve the machining accuracy of parts.

CNC machining of high-precision parts

CNC machining of high-precision parts

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