Geometric parameters of milling tools

CNC machining of aluminum components deformation how to do?

There are many reasons for the deformation of aluminum components, which are related to the material, the processing tool, the shape of the part, and the processing equipment. There are mainly the following aspects: The deformation caused by the internal stress of the blank, the deformation caused by the cutting force and the cutting heat, and the deformation caused by the clamping force.

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5-axis milling stainless steel

Five-axis milling technology for short tools

In order to overcome the shortcomings of 3+2 axis machining, five-axis simultaneous machining may be a better choice, not to mention that some five-axis machine tools also have some functions specially designed for the mold industry. Five-axis linkage machining can coordinate three linear axes and two rotary axes to make them move at the same time, which solves all the problems of 3-axis and 3+2 axis machining. The tool can be very short, there is no overlapping of views, the possibility of missing the processing area is less, and the processing can be performed continuously without additional import and export (see Figure 3).

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Titanium alloy implant parts

How to choose the tool material for CNC machining of titanium?

CNC machining of titanium alloys should start from two aspects: reducing cutting temperature and reducing adhesion. Select tool materials with high thermal hardness, high bending strength, good thermal conductivity, and poor affinity with titanium alloys. YG cemented carbide is more suitable. Due to the poor heat resistance of high-speed steel, tools made of cemented carbide should be used as much as possible. Commonly used cemented carbide tool materials include YG8, YG3, YG6X, YG6A, 813, 643, YS2T and YD15.

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CNC turning of precision stainless steel parts

Set tool parameters for CNC machining titanium

Set the geometric parameters of turning and milling titanium tools to improve the product quality of titanium alloy parts. Products are delivered quickly and on time.
(1) The rake angle of the tool γ0: The contact length between titanium alloy chips and the rake face is short. When the rake angle is small, the contact area of the chip can be increased, so that the cutting heat and cutting force are not excessively concentrated near the cutting edge. Improve the heat dissipation conditions, and can strengthen the cutting edge and reduce the possibility of chipping. Turning titanium generally takes γ0=5°~15°.

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Select the appropriate cutter tooth pitch

Key points of milling technology

Traditional milling is mostly used to mill simple shapes/features such as contours and grooves. The CNC milling machine can process complex contour shapes and features. The milling and boring machining center can perform three-axis or multi-axis milling and boring for machining, molds, inspection tools, thin-walled complex curved surfaces, impeller blades, etc. When selecting the content of CNC milling, the advantages and key role of CNC milling machine should be fully utilized.

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