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Machine processing of step shaft

Surface treatment of stepped shaft
  1. Introduction to step shaft
    Step shaft is a shaft with multiple cylinders with different diameters connected together like steps. The turning of the stepped shaft is actually a combination of outer circle and plane turning. We must therefore take into account the dimensional accuracy is required and the length of the outer circumference of the step in turning.
    The technical requirements of step shaft:
    1. The coaxiality between the outer circles of eaach gear.
    2. The perpendicularity between the outer circle and the step plane
    3. The flatness of the step plane
    4. Clear corners at the intersection of the steps of the outer circle
    2. Production capacity
    CNC lathe processing: Φ5mm-Φ60mm * 700mm
    CNC milling machine processing: 800mm * 1500mm * 700mm

    Finishing of step shaft

    Finishing of step shaft

    3. Technical parameters

product Machinery Parts
certificate ISO9001,ISO/ TS16949
material Alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless iron
Surface treatment Oxidation, blackening, electroplating, polishing, black matt treatment, sandblasting
Testing equipment projector, Roughness Tester, Thread pitch runout measuring instrument, Calipers, micrometer, Lever micrometer, Micro thread calipers, Gauges, Rockwell hardness tester, Webster hardness tester, Diameter gauge, Gear Testing Center, Roundness tester, deflection tester, Only pass rules, High profile, Thread gauge etc.
Processing Equipment CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, Internal and external cylindrical grinders, Centerless grinder , CNC grinder, Automatic lathe, grinder,
Stamping machine, Welding machine, Drill press, Tapping machine, Wire cutting, Thread rolling machine, CNC gear hobbing machine, Surface superfinishing machine, etc.
Drawing format PDF, dwg, CAD,JPG, Solidworks
Production capacity 100,000 pcs/month
Size range OD: Φ4mm-Φ50mm, length ≤700mm
Application field Fitness equipment, automobiles, air conditioners, household appliances, office appliances, medical equipment, etc.
package Plastic bag + carton + (pallet), plastic bag + wooden box, according to customer requirements
Delivery time Sample: 10-15 days;
Batch: According to the order quantity
CNC turning of precision stepped shaft

CNC turning of precision stepped shaft

  1. Machining accuracy of shaft
Roundness 0.001mm
Roughness Ra0.04
Flatness 0.001mm
hardness HRC/HV
Precision Level 6
tolerance +/-0.001mm
  1. Advantages of the shaft manufacturer
    ① Precise customized processing of drawings and samples;
    ② A shaft manufacturing enterprise, with more than 20 years of experience in precision shaft machining, and strong technical support. Advanced processing equipment, complete inspection equipment and a strong logistics inspection team;
    ③ 100% factory inspection, quality assurance;
    ④ Strong productivity and short processing cycle.

    6. Machining of common shaft materials

stainless steel SS201,301,304,SS303,SS304,SS316
Carbon steel 20#,35#,45#
Stainless iron 1Cr17,2Cr13,3Cr13,6Cr13,7Cr17
Other commonly used alloy steels 35CrMo,20Cr,40Cr,40CrMo,42CrMo,20CrMnTi,20CrMMnMo
Surface treatment of stepped shaft

Surface treatment of stepped shaft

  1. Surface treatment
stainless steel Other steel materials
polishing Blackening
plating Galvanized
Sandblasting Nickel plated
Laser engraving Chrome plating
Heat treatment
  1. Strict inspection standards
    ① A strong QC team;
    ② Incoming inspection of raw materials;
    ③ First inspection, patrol inspection, random inspection;
    ④ 100% factory inspection.

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