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CNC machining of precision fixtures

CNC machining tooling fixture
CNC machining tooling fixture

CNC machining tooling fixture

The classification of fixtures can be divided into three types: process assembly fixtures, project testing fixtures and circuit board testing fixtures. Among them, process assembly jigs include assembly jigs, welding jigs, disassembly jigs, dispensing jigs, irradiation jigs, adjustment jigs and cutting jigs; Project testing fixtures include life testing fixtures, packaging testing fixtures, environmental testing fixtures, optical testing fixtures, shielding testing fixtures, sound insulation testing fixtures, etc.; Circuit board test fixtures mainly include ICT test fixtures, FCT functional fixtures, SMT furnace fixtures, BGA test fixtures, and so on.

The purpose of the fixture
Many fixtures are produced because of commercial needs. Because there are many types of custom fixtures, some are to increase productivity, repeat specific actions, or make work more precise. Because the design of the fixture is basically based on logic, similar fixtures may be produced separately because they are used at different times and places.
Drilling jig is a tool that can guide twist drilling equipment or other drilling devices to the exact center position of each hole by moving the mold, and can accelerate repeated positioning in the center of the hole on multiple interchangeable parts The type of fixture. The typical practice is to leave a hardened bushing in each hole of the drilling jig to prevent the twist drill from cutting the jig.

Customized processing of test fixtures

Customized processing of test fixtures

Due to the widespread use of CNC machine tools in the manufacturing industry, where the servo controller has the ability to automatically move the tool to the correct position, there are fewer drilling jigs required than before.
Fixtures for parts passing the furnace:
“SMT fixture, printing, furnace” and “DIP, plug-in” are used by some electronics factory customers, such as ZTE, Foxconn, Konka, etc.
Main material
The materials of the furnace fixture include synthetic stone, corrugated fiber board, bakelite, POM, aluminum alloy, etc.
Test Fixture
Test fixtures mainly include ICT, FCT, mobile phone test stand, tablet test stand, etc.
The main purpose
Test the product function, calibration, buttons, earpiece, speaker, whether the function is normal.
Main material
The main materials of the test frame are generally divided into bakelite, acrylic, quick clamp, probe, cylinder, etc.

The fixture design is divided into two types: tooling fixture and testing fixture. The former is a tooling and fixture designed for machining, welding, assembly and other processes to facilitate processing and meet the needs of precision;
The latter is used for inspection, because some mechanical dimensions are not easy to measure, and because of its complex shape, we have to design a special inspection block or a inspection tool for a certain product. For example, we have some regular inspection tools such as plug gauges and ring gauges, but some are irregular, and a special inspection tool must be designed. Some machining methods such as wire cutting, electric spark, CNC machining center, etc. may be used to ensure the accuracy of the inspection tool.

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