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cnc turning of fixed focus lens and focus ring

CNC turning of fixed focus lens

Analysis of parts processing status As shown in Figure 1, the focusing tube (aluminum part) is processed with a straight arc-shaped wall groove and two spiral wall grooves on a turned cylindrical blank.
Part wall thickness is 4mm, available?
The milling cutter directly mills the groove in layers, but it needs to use the additional fourth axis of the machining center or the C axis function of the turning center to achieve. This article uses a turning center machine tool. The focusing tube was discovered after being processed with a simple fixture. Because the groove is processed through the wall and the groove shape is longer, the axial clamping is only used, and the width of the groove cannot be guaranteed due to the deformation of the clamping during processing.

Product Category: Turned Parts
Brand: OEM
Standard: National Standard
Material: 6061 aluminum
Tolerance: plus or minus 0.01mm, surface oxidation, no burrs
Specifications: According to the requirements, drawings and samples are processed and customized
Introduction: Professional hardware accessories processing factory

The groove width in the middle section of the straight arc groove can only reach 3.4mm, and the width of 4mm near the two ends of the groove cannot be guaranteed. Although the deformation of the chute is smaller, it cannot meet the size requirements. As a result, the height of the barrel column of the fixed focus lens has changed, and the degree of deformation is proportional to the axial clamping force. If the clamping force is too small, it will also cause relative rotation of the workpiece during milling. This fixture structure is only suitable for circumferential milling of shallow grooves, but not suitable for through-wall groove milling.

Elastic internal expansion type clamping structure

CNC turning of fixed focus lens

CNC turning of fixed focus lens

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